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What is TimePod?

TimePod is a Delivery System that makes it possible to send yourself and your TimePod friends a message for future delivery. TimePod stores your message in a secure location and makes the delivery on a future date and time. You may send as many TimePod as you wish for Valentines, Reunions, Anniversaries, Remind me notes, Follow ups, Birthdays, Meetings, Doctor appointments and many other uses.

We have built TimePod to validate each user email account to stop abuses of spamming. We will never disclose your email address to anyone for any reason other than messages you send to your verified valid TimePod friends email accounts. Anonymous messages are not allowed in the TimePod system. Any message not having verified valid To: and From: email addresses are deleted. We will not alter or remove anything from the content of your TimePod. All header information will also remain intact.

We hope you enjoy TimePod as much as we do. It's become a major part of our daily activity to send TimePod for all sorts of scheduling and fun. The service is free and we continue to finance the service by way of ads on the web page.

Thank You

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