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How to use TimePod

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TimePod is extremely easy to use and requires no special software installation or activation. It works on all types of computers, desktops, laptops, mobile devices and any communication sofware using plain email delivery. Simply create your TimePod account and email a message to a future date (at) TimePod.com. When that date and time arrives TimePod will return your message as you originally wrote it and forward to TimePod: email addresses if given. TimePod stores your message in a secure private directory where you may manage your messages for other options.

The format of the TimePod date address is Month-Day-Year.xHours.xMinutes.xDays (at) TimePod.com or Now (at) TimePod.com. The Month may be a number from 1 to 12, an abbreviation or spelled out in full. The Day should be a number from 1 to 31. The Year should be either one, two or four digits in which 2000 will be added to bring it greater than 2007. Optional xHours means to use the date or current date plus x (a number) Hours.
Example: 22Hours (at) TimePod.com
Optional xMinutes means to use the date or current date plus x (a number) Minutes.
Example: 2Hours.25Minutes (at) TimePod.com
Optional xDays means to use the date or current date plus x (a number) Days.
Example: 30Days.2Hours.25Min (at) TimePod.com

You must use your verified valid TimePod address in the From: field on your email for TimePod to work. You may visit the TimePod web site to view all your TimePod messages. If you have any questions please use the Contact link to send a message to TimePod.

Note! We have placed a space before and after each (at) to help prevent spam. When typing the TimePod date address remove the spaces.

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