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TimePod to Friends

Below are examples of how to send TimePod to your friends.

Date: Apr 22, 2008 To: June-23-2008 @ TimePod.com Cc: BigBoss @ MarJax.com From: Anne.Jones @ marjax.com Subject: Mar-Jax Board Meeting Please attend the Mar-Jax Board Meeting the afternoon of June 23, 2008 at 8:30pm. If you are unable to attend please notify my office 555 123-4567 ex 4. Thank You Anne Jones Mar-Jax Sec. TimePod: bob.smith @ marjax.com TimePod: jim.adam @ marjax.com TimePod: john.wall @ marjax.com TimePod: bob.harold @ marjax.com TimePod: jeff @ hhlaw.com TimePod: Sammy @ cpallc.com
Date: Apr 22, 2008 To: May-3-2008.9Hours.45min @ TimePod.com From: Danny @ jonesandjones.com Subject: Happy Birthday to my best friend and wife Dearest Martha, Wishing You a happy birthday and we'll not count the years. I'll be picking you up from work at 12:00 noon for lunch. Yours always and forever Danny TimePod: martha @ luckystar.com

Note! We have placed a space before and after each @ to help prevent spam. When typing the TimePod date address remove the spaces.

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