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Reminder Memo Examples

Below are examples of a memo TimePod to be returned to yourself and anyone cc: the original email.

Date: Apr 22, 2008 To: 10Days @ TimePod.com Cc: Andy @ hotmail.com Cc: Mack @ fixitup.com From: myemail @ myaddress.com Subject: Check on the paint job Check on paint job for runs and cracks. Pay Mack other half of $500.00 on job if job looks ok. When the TimePod address does not have a date it uses the current date and time then adds to that the Hours, Minutes and Days given.
Date: Apr 22, 2008 To: April-26-2008.8Hours.30min @ TimePod.com From: myemail @ myaddress.com Subject: This is your 8:30am wakeup call Awake at April-26-2008 00:00am plus 8 hours and 30 minutes or 8:30am

Note! We have placed a space before and after each @ to help prevent spam. When typing the TimePod date address remove the spaces.

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